About MOGULista™ Biz — She is Me, Kynia aka "Kyky" (Kiki)

MOGULista™...  I am SHE, SHE IS ME!

The name is Kynia (Keen-ya) but "Kyky" (Kiki) is easier for most LOL! I am a mompreneur who has bounced back from several back-to-back challenges including: corporate layoffs, illness, failed businesses and divorce. I have successfully persisted in making my own moves to “get my groove back” (like Stella and betta) which has led to a number of new, successful businesses, brands and initiatives!  This is one of them.

My journey has been a WHOLE testimony, including being healed of chronic illness and staying sane through multiple traumatic divorces— if it was a book (and it might be one day), it would be a good read!

But God! I'm talking about ways out of literal NO ways, healings upon healings, blessings upon blessings, joy at times when no one else would be able to find it and peace that no one could explain. He did that, is doing it now and I know He will continue to keep me and cover me — supernaturally!

How has it been possible?  By BELIEVING and CONFESSING the WHOLE entire Word of God.  So, for those faithin' MOGUListas™, this site — this entire movement — is especially for you!  Muwwwah!